Q: What is the meaning of "OG" in sneakers?

A: "OG" stands for "Original" and refers to the first model or colorway of a sneaker to be released.

Q: What does "GR" mean in relation to sneakers?

A: "GR" stands for "General Release" and refers to a model released in large quantities and available to everyone.

Q: What is the difference between "deadstock" and "used" sneakers?

A: "Deadstock" refers to new, unworn sneakers that are still in their original condition and packaging. "Used" sneakers, on the other hand, have already been worn and may show signs of wear depending on their condition and age.

Q: What is a "collab" sneaker?

A: A "collab" sneaker is a collaborative project between a sneaker brand and another brand, designer or celebrity.

Q: What is the meaning of "limited edition" in sneakers?

A: "Limited edition" refers to a limited number of sneakers that have been manufactured and are only available for a short time. These models are often more sought after and more expensive due to their rarity and exclusivity.

Q: What is a "colorway" in sneakers?

A: "Colorway" refers to the colorway of a sneaker. Often, sneaker models have multiple colorways, each with a unique name, such as "Bred" for black/red or "Cool Grey" for gray.

Q: What does "retro" mean when it comes to sneakers?

A: "Retro" refers to a sneaker model that was released in the past and later re-released. Retro models are often updated with modern materials and technologies, while retaining the original design.

Q: What is a "sneakerhead"?

A: A "sneakerhead" is a person who collects sneakers or has a passion for sneakers. Sneakerheads are often on the lookout for rare, exclusive, or limited-edition models, and may also be willing to pay high prices to expand their collection.